Global Summit Of Women Launches Consortium To End Cervical Cancer

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The Global Summit of Women concluded its 13th annual meeting in Berlin by announcing the launch of an international "consortium to end cervical cancer."


In her announcement, the summit's president said the consortium "aims to educate women about cervical cancer prevention, including testing and vaccination, and encourage governments to provide easy access to the latest screening and vaccine technologies," including HPV testing. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of cervical cancer, and Digene Corp. (Nasdaq: DIGE) markets the only FDA- approved and CE-marked test for high-risk types of the virus.

"For the first time in our history, the Global Summit of Women is going to undertake an effort to eradicate a cancer," Irene Navtividad, summit president, told the 1,000-plus attendees representing 95 countries. "You may be asking why it's important for a conference about the economic issues facing women to focus on cervical cancer. But common sense tells us that when the health of women is imperiled, we cannot run corporations or own small businesses. . .Cervical cancer is special in two key ways: First, it only affects women. Second, and more importantly, we now have the tools to eradicate it. Together, working with women worldwide, we are going to do

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