Medical Marijuana Ice Cream -- A Prescription for Abuse?


Teens and young adults have increasingly found prescription drugs a source for abuse. Prescription drugs ranks second only to marijuana in abuse among this age group.

How will medical marijuana rank in the abuse list? Will it be ranked as marijuana abuse or prescription drug abuse?

Medical marijuana use in increasing as more states approve it’s use with a prescription. California has taken a step farther by adding medical marijuana to ice cream.

A shop in Santa Cruz is now selling "Crème De Canna" ice cream. A prescription It is infused with marijuana extract. The makers state one bite is equivalent to four to five puffs of a really good marijuana cigarette.

The prescription ice cream can only be sold to card-carrying marijuana patients, but how do you lock up you refrigerator to prevent children and teens from helping themselves?


Flavors being offered are ones that any child or adult would enjoy. They include Banannabis Foster, Straw-Mari Cheesecake and Triple Chocolate Brownie.

It is reported that finishing off a pint of pot infused ice cream is equivalent to smoking eight joints.

While it is potentially a good option for someone who needs the medical marijuana, but finds smoking it distasteful it also increases the potential of abuse among children.

It’s easier to teach children not to take grandma’s pills then it is not to eat her ice cream.

The pot ice cream cost about $15 a pint.




No worse than Alcopop.