Hurricane Season Opens Today: Tips for Preparedness


According to the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML), the Atlantic hurricane season begins today and lasts through November 30th. While hurricanes can and have occurred outside these dates, 97% occur within them.

The first named hurricane of the season, Alex, is closely being watched, especially with the massive oil spill in the Gulf which began on April 20, 2010.

Hurricane hazards come in many forms: storm surge, high winds, tornadoes, and flooding. As with any weather hazard, it is important for your family to have a disaster plan.


Tips for getting prepared:

  1. Determine a safe area, either in your home and/or within the community.
  2. Determine escape routes from your home. Plan places for family members to meet.
  3. Have an out-of-state friend as a family contact. Program their information in each family members cell phone. This gives all family members the same point of contact.
  4. Post emergency telephone numbers by your phones and make sure your children know how and when to call 911. Consider programming these emergency numbers into your cell phones.
  5. Don’t forget your pets when making your plans for potential evacuation.
  6. Stock non-perishable emergency supplies. Put together a Disaster Supply Kit.
  7. Purchase and use a NOAA weather radio. It is a good idea to replace the batteries every 6 months, as you do with your smoke detectors.
  8. Take First Aid, CPR and disaster preparedness classes.

For more information on hurricane preparedness, check out the CDC’s Key Facts About Hurricane Preparedness (pdf).

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