Give Blood This Holiday Season, It's the Perfect Gift


Are you looking to give the perfect gift? Giving blood fits the bill.

In this season of searching for that perfect gift, most of us are looking for discounts and savings. Giving blood is the ultimate way to save.

Giving blood will save a life.

Illness and accidents don’t take a holiday, but the American Red Cross notes blood donations typically decline between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day due to the holiday season and travel. During this same time frame house fires and resulting burn victims increase.

The blood you give is used to help accident victims along with patients who have cancer, sickle cell disease, blood disorders and other illnesses.


The American Red Cross states every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. All blood types are needed, but types O-negative, A-negative and B-negative are needed most.

General Guidelines About Giving Blood
You must be healthy and be at least 17 years old. You must weigh at least 110 pounds. "Healthy" means that you feel well and can perform normal activities. Just because you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure does not mean you are un-eligible to donate. "Healthy" in light of a chronic condition means that you are being treated and the condition is under control.

Other aspects of each potential donor's health history are discussed as part of the donation process before any blood is collected. Each donor receives a brief examination during which temperature, pulse, blood pressure and blood count (hemoglobin or hematocrit) are measured.

To learn more blood donation opportunities, visit or call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE (1-800-448-3543).

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