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Cassius Cheong's Positively Quit! Manual


It can be difficult to quit smoking. There’s no one single way that works for everyone as evidenced by the number of different ways: cold turkey, cutting down, nicotine replacement therapy, hypnosis, acupuncture.

Cassius Cheong, a former smoker, has written Positively Quit! Manual: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Stop Smoking to give smoker’s the benefit of what helped him.

The book is short, only65 pages, well written, and easy to read. Mr. Cheong uses references in footnotes, but keeps the heavy science out of the text. His intention is to get you, the smoker, to approach quitting from a different mindset – one similar to the mindset that allowed you to become a smoker.

The book reminds to think of what smoking your first cigarette felt like. “If you smoked a middle- to high-tar cigarette, the relatively unfiltered, noxious chemicals in the cigarette smoke likely had a nasty impact on you, producing one or more of the following reactions: dizziness, headache, watery eyes, nausea, vomiting, coughing.” And yet to become a smoker, you had to persist. Why?

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As Mr. Cheong so nicely puts it, most smokers began at a young immature age and did so to “be cool, to be/feel tougher, to be more sophisticated, to be grown up, to fit in with friends, to tick of parents/teachers, etc.”

He asks the smoker to reassess these reasons. Did cigarettes do what you wanted them too? Do they continue to make you “feel sophisticated, etc?”

Now that you have decided to quit, Mr. Cheong wants you to approach quitting more like you approached starting – with eagerness and excitement rather than dread.

Check out his book for tips on how to accomplish this goal. You CAN become a non-smoker!

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Positively Quit! Manual: the thinking person’s guide to stop smoking; Cassius Cheong; published by Pulse Research 2010