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Australian Single Mother, 18, Plans to Have Cosmetic Surgery to Feel Young Again


Australian single mother Ambah Young, 18, has made plans to have cosmetic surgery. She plans not just one procedure but is reported to have three planned: a tummy tuck, a boob job and a "designer" vagina procedure.

Young, who is the mother of a two-year-old daughter is becoming part of the medical tourism industry. She will have her surgery in Malaysia not in her own country of Australia. The cost of the her surgeries is $13,000.

She has told the Daily Telegraph, "After the birth of my daughter, my body never went back to the way it was before. I'm having this surgery so that I can feel my age again."

As in the United States, 18 is considered very young for someone in Australia or elsewhere to be considering these procedures. It is generally not recommended to have a tummy tuck until you are sure you will have no other pregnancies. At 18 years of age, there are many reproductive years remaining.

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There is also concern over whether someone who is so young understands all the risks associated with the individual surgeries and are increased with multiple surgeries done at the same time.

These risks include infection, bleeding, scars, and deep venous thrombosis (DVT) which can lead to a pulmonary embolism and death. The added travel from Australia to Malaysia adds to the risk of DVT.

In the United States, 18 is considered the minimal age for a breast augmentation for purely cosmetic reasons.

Care must be taken by the physicians and surgeons taking care of all cosmetic patients, but especially the younger ones, to ensure their expectations are realistic and there are no underlying body dysmorphic issues.

As Melbourne University psychiatrist Prof David Castle notes in the Daily Telegraph, "Sometimes they believe their psychological distress will be cured by some cosmetic procedure, and it never is, it usually makes things worse."

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Many single moms didn't had the opportunity to finish their college or even go to college but if you'll ask them if they want to finish their college they will of course answer yes. But how could they do that when obama's scholarship grants for single mothers are running out of funds and many single mothers are still out there trying and hoping to be get be given a scholarship opportunity. My suggestion is they should consider having a second job if they're unlucky to be given a scholarship.