Ten Year-Old, Too Young to Get Breast Cancer


Hannah Powell-Auslam is 10 years old. She is a 5th grade student who lives in Fullerton, California. She is also has a very common disease in women, but very rare in girls who are 10 years old. She has breast cancer.

It is estimated that at least 180,000 women will be told by their doctors this year that they have breast cancer. To many this will be a shock, but to Hannah and her parents it truly was when in early April they learned the news. After all, as Hannah’s mother Carrie Auslam told reports from KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. "Ten-year-olds don't get breast cancer."


So now 10 year old Hannah has to face a disease which woman 4 times her age find difficult to face. It is a time when she should simply have to worry about which clothes to wear and what music to listen to and which movie to see.

The family has a Web site documenting Hannah's fight against her cancer. She has undergone her breast surgery. It is most likely that she will have to have chemotherapy. We wish her well.

ABC News
Hannah’s Web Site

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