MAINTAIN Helps Unemployed Americans with Prescriptions

Pfizer Maintain prescription drug plan

The loss of employment has meant loss of insurance coverage for many Americans. Even with the COBRA assistance the government has given, it has not always been possible for individuals to continue their insurance. This has made it difficult for many to get the prescriptions they need. Pfizer’s MAINTAIN Program helps unemployed Americans get their prescriptions filled.

MAINTAIN stands for “Medicines Assistance for Those who Are In Need.” This new program provides free Pfizer medicines to qualified patient and delivers the prescription medicines right to their home. It is intended to help those who have recently lost their employment and the insurance they had.

MAINTAIN can help those unemployed Americans who are eligible get their Pfizer medicines free-of-charge for up to one year or until they become insured, whichever comes first. There are more than 70 Pfizer medications on the list. It includes drugs like Glucotrol, Lipitor, Neurontin, Norpace, Procardia, and Zoloft. View full list of available medicines covered.

Applications for enrollment into the Pfizer MAINTAIN Program will be accepted through December 31, 2009. Individuals and their immediate family members are eligible for this program if:

  • They have become unemployed since January 1, 2009
  • They were prescribed and have been taking a Pfizer medicine for at least 3 months prior to becoming unemployed and enrolling in the program
  • They have no prescription coverage
  • They can attest to their financial hardship


After filing an application, it may take 2-3 weeks. To apply for the Pfizer MAINTAIN Program, please:

* Download an application or request it by calling 866-706-2400

* Complete the easy, 1-page application. Mail the completed application and proof of unemployment

Proof of Unemployment:(submit one)
o State Umployment Benifits Confirmation Letter
o Unemployment Benefit Check Stub
o Previous Employer Termination Letter

People who need Pfizer's specialty and oncology medicines can find out if they qualify for help through Pfizer's other patient assistance programs by calling 866-706-2400.

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