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Swine Flu No Reason To Panic


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports the swine flu has been confirmed in five states in the U.S. – California, Kansas, Ohio, New York City, and Texas. There are 50 confirmed cases with no deaths. All the swine flu cases in the U.S. have been mild.

This episode of swine flu is not like the 1918-1919 flu pandemic. That pandemic killed a million Americans and up to 50 million worldwide. The swine flu “panic” of 1976 was initially thought to be due to a virus similar to the 1918 virus, but turned out not to be so.

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Remember this is variation of the flu and is due to a virus. It is spread like other respiratory illnesses by coughing and sneezing. It can NOT be “caught” by eating pork. Normal precautions should be taken as mentioned yesterday: frequent hand washing, covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, etc. If you are sick, then stay home. If you are not sick, there is no reason to avoid work or social events.

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For more information about swine flu: http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu

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