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Give the Gift that Will Save the Day During this Holiday Season


Looking for a gift for someone who doesn’t need anything? Looking for a gift that will truly matter to someone? Look no farther.

The American Red Cross has a way for you to give a gift that will really matter. The gift you give will make you and the one you give the gift to “heroes” as you help save the day.

The American Red Cross works daily to save the day when...

  • the next disaster strikes
  • a neighbor’s house burns down
  • someone needs lifesaving blood

Your gift can help give hope this holiday season. The American Red Cross has made it easy with a gift catalog. The gifts can be made in the name of your loved one who will then receive a gift card from you.

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Examples of the gifts that “save the day” include

Disaster Comfort Kit - $45, includes toothbrushes, soap and
more to 15 disaster victims

Patriot Phone Card - $20, helps our Military celebrate the
holidays with a phone card which enables contact with their families during deployment

Warm Blanket - $18 for 3 blankets, provides warmth after a disaster protecting the receiver from exposure and hypothermia as well giving hope.

All gifts given through the Red Cross are tax deductible.