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Will Knowing Sex of Fetus Raise Elective Abortions?


There is now an at-home test that expecting moms can use to determine whether they're carrying a boy or a girl. The IntelliGender’s home prediction test is said to work as early as 10 weeks after conception. The pregnant woman tests her urine at home. It turn’s orange if she’s carrying a girl. It turns green if she’s carrying a boy.

With IntelliGender's home gender prediction test, a urine specimen turns orange if it's a girl. Green is for boys.

The "Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test" was created by IntelliGender of Plano, Texas. The test is said to work by isolating certain hormones that when combined with a "proprietary mix of chemicals" react differently if a woman is carrying a boy or a girl. At this time there is a pending patent on the test.

Expecting mothers are often curious about the sex of the child they are carrying. If it’s a girl, we’ll name her…… If it’s a boy, we’ll decorate the room …… Other’s though are wanting a specific sex (boy or girl) to finish out their family. These are the consumers that worry health care ethicists. These are the ones that bring to mind questions of the possibility of increased early abortions if the baby is not the “correct” sex.

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The test is not 100% accurate. It is reported to be 78-80% accurate. Sonograms can not “read” the sex of the fetus until 20 weeks. It’s accuracy depends on the skills of the technician and the position of the fetus in the womb but is reported in the 98-100% range.

Ethicists worry that at 10 weeks many won’t see this early embryo as a developed fetus. Will this lead to more early abortions if the embryo / fetus is not the desired sex? Only time will tell.

The companies spokesperson is reported to say, "I can't even fathom someone making a decision about whether to terminate a pregnancy based on a test informing them they may have a boy or a girl."

While the test is available for sale in 11 countries, IntelliGender does not sell the test to India or China.

Since 2006, more than 50,000 tests have sold online in the United States. The gender predictor test for $34.95.

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