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Baby Born With 12 Fingers And Toes


When Bay Area doctors delivered baby Kamani Hubbard three weeks ago, he was noted to have six-fully formed and functional fingers and toes on his hands and feet. A full health dozen fingers and toes. The baby is reported to be healthy.

The genetic condition is not uncommon. It is called polydactyly. It is more common on the little finger (ulnar) side of the hand.

Most often the extra digit is only a nub as father, Kris Hubbard, himself had removed as a child. It is much rarer for all of the extra digits to be fully functional.

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Dr. Michael Treece said "It's merely an interesting and beautiful variation rather than a worrisome thing. I would be tempted to leave those fingers in place. I realize children would tease each other over the slightest things, and having extra digits on each hand is more than slight. But imagine what sort of a pianist a 12-fingered person would be imagine what sort of a flamenco guitarist, if nothing else think of their typing skills."

Ulnar polydactyly (extra finger on the small finger side of the hand) may be isolated or part of a syndrome. It is much more common than radial polydactyly (extra fingers/thumb on the thumb side of the hand). A family history is often present. Both autosomal dominant and recessive patterns have been observed. When unilateral (one hand only), it is more common on the left side (76%) rather than the right (24%). There is a predominance towards males and African American when unilateral. Syndromic associations with ulnar polydactyly are more common among Caucasians than African Americans. Pedunculated (like a skin tag or nubbin) ulnar polydactyly (Type I) in an African American child is rarely syndromic or associated with other anomalies. More than 40 different syndromes were reported with ulnar polydactyly. They include Trisomy 18, Ellis-van Creveld Syndrome, and Apert Syndrome.

There are famous people, like "Florida Marlins's pitcher Antonio Alfonseca [and] blues guitarist Hound Dog Taylor" who have kept their extra digits.

Ulnar Polydactyly
Radial Plydactyly



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