Clinton Hospitalized After Stent Procedure


Former President Bill Clinton, 63, was hospitalized in New York City this afternoon.

Clinton’s office has issued a statement regarding his status. Clinton has been transported to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in Manhattan suffering from chest pains.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, his wife, is on her way to the hospital.

Douglas Band, Clinton’s Counselor, stated “Today President Bill Clinton was admitted to the Columbia Campus of New York Presbyterian Hospital after feeling discomfort in his chest. Following a visit to his cardiologist, he underwent a procedure to place two stents in one of his coronary arteries. President Clinton is in good spirits, and will continue to focus on the work of his Foundation and Haiti's relief and long-term recovery efforts. In 2004, President Clinton underwent a successful quadruple bypass operation to free four blocked arteries."


It is being reported that Clinton is in good spirits and is expected to spend the night at the hospital for observation.

Clinton underwent quadruple bypass surgery at the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center four and a half years ago.

Stent placement is done to help prop the coronary artery open and decrease the chance of it narrowing again (restenosis). It is done in conjunction with coronary angioplasty which involves temporarily inserting and blowing up a tiny balloon to unclog heart arteries.

Angioplasty can improve some of the symptoms of blocked arteries, such as chest pain and shortness of breath.

Although angioplasty is a less invasive way to open clogged arteries, the procedure still carries some risks. The most common angioplasty risks include: restenosis of the coronary artery, blood clots, bleeding, heart attack, stroke, and abnormal heart rhythms.

Mayo Clinic