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Dental Care Is Important To Health

Dental care and tooth brushing

One can never underestimate the importance of proper dental care and tooth brushing for good health. Truly poor dental care can lead to lost teeth or poor dentition which may make it difficult to eat. That leads to poor nutrition.

Mediocre dental care can lead to plaque. Plaque irritates the gum to the point that it bleeds. This allows microscopic amounts of bacteria to enter the bloodstream. The presence of plaque and tooth decay has been noted to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and make diabetes more difficult to control.

Good dental care can improve your health. Tips to avoid dental problems include brushing your teeth three times a day, eat foods that contain less sugar, and avoid or drink fewer soft drinks and carbonated beverages. See your dentist yearly. Have your teeth cleaned by the hygienist twice a year.

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Proper tooth brushing techniques for children and adults:

1. Your toothbrush must be angled about 45 degrees to your mouth.

2. Brushing should take about three minutes. Allot one and a half minutes for the right side and another to the left side of your mouth.

3. Brushing should be circular in motion, not up and down. To cover all areas of the mouth and teeth, brushing should be done in a counterclockwise method.

4. Make flossing your daily habit. Studies show that flossing is more important than brushing.