Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 Makes Progress


As evidenced by all the food recalls, the nation has needed changes to it’s food-safety system. On Wednesday, June 10, the measure called the “Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009” cleared the Health Subcommittee by an unanimous vote.

Energy and Commerce Committee will now need to vote on the measure before it can go to the House of Representatives, but progress is being made toward improving the food safety of the nation. Some compromises have been made over the proposed fees and other requirements.


The measure would create an up-to-date registry of all food facilities serving American consumers. It would generate resources to support FDA oversight of food safety. The initial annual registration fee of $1,000 has been changed to $500. This will help pay cost of re-inspections and food recalls.

The Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 aims to increase the number of inspections of food facilities. It would improve the traceability of food, so when an outbreak of foodborne illness does occur the tracking would be done quicker and easier.

US House of Representatives Committee on Energy & Commerce
Summary Draft (pdf)

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