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Recall Initiated On Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki Mushrooms recalled due to possible Listeria

A recall has been issued for Enoki mushrooms produced by Phillips Mushroom Farms in Pennsylvania. Enokis are long, thin white mushrooms, often used in Asian cuisines.

Preliminary test results showed potential listeria contamination. No illnesses have been reported in relation to Enoki mushroom recall, according to Phillips Mushroom Farms.

Listeria can cause flu-like symptoms, including fever and muscle aches, and sometimes gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea or diarrhea. It affects primarily the elderly, pregnant women, newborns and people with weakened immune systems.

The mushrooms were packed in clear plastic bags with blue, green, or red graphic panel, plastic tills with overwrap film, or 1 lb bags for food service. The product is packaged under various brand names, and sold between 1-13-09 and 1-30-09.

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The Enoki Mushroom product may be identified by the following labels and UPC's:

* PMF 3.5 oz green bag UPC 33383 67540
* Phillips Enoki 3.5 oz blue bag UPC 33383 67540
* Phillips Enoki 1 lb bulk bag Food Service distribution only
* Mr Mushroom 4 ox Red & Green bags UPC 33383 67543

The following 3.5 oz overwrapped packages of Enoki Mushrooms are being recalled:

* Phillips Enoki UPC 33383 67541
* Organic Phillips Enoki UPC 21706 67363
* Publix Enoki UPC 41415 03186
* Giorgio Enoki UPC 33383 67451
* Moomlight Mushroom Enoki UPC 33383 67540
* Pennsylvania Dutchman Enoki UPC 33383 67451
* Fresh Obsession UPC 69200 00916
* Contry Fresh Enoki UPC 33383 67541
* Monterey Gourmet Enoki UPC 37102 67820
* Elite Enoki UPC 34635 41866

Retailers are asked to remove the mushrooms from their shelves, pending further instructions. Consumers are asked to return the mushrooms to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Phillips Mushroom Farms
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention