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Paczki, Calories, and Activity

Paczki high in calories

I must admit that I had never heard of the Polish donut Paczki until a friend told me of them earlier today. I wish they had given me one to go with my morning coffee. While I say that, watch for the calories.

In looking up information on these Polish donuts, I learned that Paczki are made and eaten on Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. These donuts were originally made to use up the lard and eggs in the pantry before Lent. These donuts are round, sugar coated, and fruit-filled. While traditional paczki have a prune filling, these days a wide range of flavors, including Bavarian creme, strawberry, lemon, blueberry, chocolate creme, and, in the case of Roma Bakery, riccotta are used.

I also learned that the way to pronounce the word Paczki is punch-key. This is the plural noun. The singular form is paczek (pohn-check).

Paczek have between 350 – 850 calories depending on the filling. Many say you will have difficulty eating just one or two.

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If you give in and eat one, you will need to increase your day’s activity to compensate. For a 155 lb person:

422 cal will be burned with one hour general Aerobics

493 cal will be burned with one hour Stationary bicycling, moderate effort

281 cal will be burned with one hour of Walking, 4 mph pace

704 cal will be burned Running, 10 min mile pace