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Tough To Quit Smoking When Eating 200 Lit Cigarettes

Quit Smoking

There are many ways to quit smoking: “cold turkey”, behavior therapy, hypnotism, nicotine patches or gum, and smoking cessation drugs.

Scarsdale magician Richie Magic, 53, added a new one to the list this past Saturday. He “ate” 200 lit cigarettes in an attempt to break the world record for “orally extinguishing, chewing and expelling” a carton of cigarettes in 6 minutes, 3.7 seconds.

Magic performed the stunt before onlookers at Rogue Magic & Funshop in Elmhurst. In addition to breaking the world record, he wanted to send a message to children that they shouldn’t smoke. He may have swayed a few of them. Magic is reported to have said, “Kids told me it was so disgusting that they’d never smoke.”

Magic had smoked for 40 years, but now vows he has quit after event and will never smoke again.

Tips on quitting smoking:

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1. Set a quit date.

2. Change your environment by removing ALL cigarettes and ashtrays from your home, car, and work place.

3. Don't cheat – not even one puff! But if you do, don't take that as surrender. Keep trying.

4. Seek support and encouragement, even if by phone. You can call toll free at 1-800-QUITNOW (1-800-784-8669).

5. See your doctor and ask about nicotine gum and or patches.

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