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Caution Urged for Use of RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serum

I was recently asked about RapidLash Eyelash Renewal Serum. The person wanted to know if it worked and was safe. It is marketed as a product designed to enhance the appearance of eyelashes and eyebrows. Rapid Lash is manufactured by International Research Laboratories and distributed by ROCASUBA.


The insert sheet for Rapid Lash says the active ingredients are “potent polypeptides, vital proteins and vitamins, and moisturizing and rejuvenating agents. The serum is suppose to produce results within 4 weeks.

As with Latisse (an FDA approved product) the serum is applied once a day. Latisse is available by prescription only, Rapid Lash requires no prescription. Recently there have been reports of skin irritation and pigmentation concerns. In fairness, these have been reported in Latisse users also, but it is known to occur in 4% of Latisse users. It is not known how often they occur in Rapid Lash users.

With either, it is important to take care to apply the serum only to the eyelash and not allow it to get in the eye itself. Either can cause eye irritation.

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If you develop a new eye condition (e.g., trauma or infection), change in vision, have eye surgery, or develop any eye reactions (e.g. conjunctivitis and eyelid reactions), you should immediately seek your doctor's advice and discontinue the use of Rapid Lash Eyelash Serum.

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Update: The company has provided their scientific studies for me to review. There were two studies done using human subjects. Both were well designed but in my opinion had too few subjects. The first had 28 enrolled with only 27 completing the study (one was lost to follow up). These subjects used the serum as directed on their lash lines, half were contact wearers. None reported any adverse reactions. The second study involved 87 test subjects with 80 completing the study (7 dropped out due to personal reasons). This study was a skin patch study. No adverse reactions were reported.

With either Rapid Lash or any other serum/ makeup applied to the eyelid near the eye, I would advise caution. Use only as directed and discontinue its use if you notice any irritation or problems.

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Dr. Bates' comments are made without the benefit of review of the RapidLash safey studies, EPI tests and other available data. We would like to make these available for her review so that her comments may be more informed. RapidLash meets all regulatory requirements of the US and EU and is available without perscription. To say that there are no safety studies is incorrect and misleading. We hope her posting will be corrected for accuracy.
As with many cosmetics, there can be sensitivity with some products. I have used RapidLash for 4 months and have had not one bit of problem with it. My eyelashes have grown long and look great. Common sense...If something irritates...stop using it!!! Doesn't take a rocket scientist!!!
I have a question about rapid lash , can we apply the serum while already having mascara on ??
Just because you had no side effect doesn't negate the other thousands who have. If you don't continue using you will lose what lashes you have and what grew why can't ppl just be happy with who they are....smh
would it harm your eyes and when you stop using it for some time will you lose them the lashes that grow and your own also and will it harm your vision. do let me no...........
Does rapid lash really have the side effect of eye color change? Some say it does. Some say it doesn't . I just want to know... people are so misleading.
i ve been using rapidlash for just over 7 months, everyday then last months i ve been only using every other day or 2-3 times a week as other people have commented that you would loose your lashes (either if you discontinue or overuse the product0> it took a good 3 months for my lashes to grow, i was really sceptic at first but i DID have lovely dark strong longer eyelashes (no more than 25% growth though), but made a real difference to my short straight spares lashes, i loved them. NOW THEY RE ALL FALLING OUT! SO YES THERE ARE SIDE EFFECTS.... i i have been losing about 3-4 a day now, i don't know what i ll be left with!! i just don t know what to do now. I mainly use jojoba oil to keep them moisturised at night but i m reluctant to carry on using rapidlash even just a couple of times a week....
I just bought Rapidlash and would like to know what has happened to your lashes since you last posted. Thanks.
I have been using rapid lash and now my lashes are falling out especially on my right eye. Did yours ever grow back?
Losing 3-4 lashes is actually pretty normal even without the use of a serum. You're constantly losing and regrowing lash hairs just like the hair on your head
I used this product for 3 weeks as directed, and about 4 days ago noticed that a thinning patch of eyelashes on my right eye was getting bigger each day. I stopped 2 days ago when I realized that although my eyelashes did seem thicker, they were either breaking or falling off - they would do this as I engaged in my normal mascara routine (which has been the same for years). Right now I have a space of about 8mm wide (almost the width of my entire index finger) above my pupil on my right eye where there is 1 single eyelash; the rest have disappeared over the past few days. Although I DID notice a difference in eyelash growth as soon as I started using the product, something weird happens to the eyelashes that made mine very brittle and weak. Unfortunately I won't even be able to wear mascara for the next month or so because the hole is too noticeable. I know that the lash cycle is about 4 weeks, but in my 30+ years of life I have never had a moment where all of the lashes in a single section all within the same week.
I would be more than happy to review the safety studies which as I pointed out in the above article I was unable to find.
Really long eyelashes look so attractive it changes the entire complexsion of a woman's appearance. But you would also know that most of the cosmetics we use today are inorganic and carry chemicals thus there is some damage to the eyes when using cosmetics. John
I am always concerned when a company does not provide all of the truth about its product. The fact is that RapidLash contains a quasi Prostaglandin Analogue. Whey do they claim it is the petides that are making the product do its thing when it is a drug. In addition present a double bling, multicenter study with more than a handful of clients. I am sure this stuff works, but it is close to the eye, has only been our for 6 months, and has very very little safety data. In addition is seems that they have been less than upfront about what this stuff contains. Hey its your eyes...
i really love and want to try the rapidlash product, i have a bad experience using the loreal product...my eyelid turns red and i have an infection for the new product also my lashes are not the same and fall down...i really want to have sexy eyes and i been reading comment of rapid lash and seems awesome ! its there any way that i can tested
I am currently using Rapid Lash on my eyebrows. May I dye my eyebrows while using Rapid Lash? Thanks for any info you may provide on this.
I've been using rapidlash for about a month now and have noticed no side effects. I'm very careful to use it just above the lash line. My results are amazing. All of my friends think I'm wearing false lashes! My lashes are longer and fuller. I would recommend this product to all women desiring longer lashes without the high cost.
The use of rapid lash is well tested and no side effects known. Me and a friend are using it now since 2 weeks and there are no problems at all. We are waiting for the lashes to grow, which we have seen on people who used it before and you have to be patient and give the product between 3- 4 weeks time.
I've used Rapid Lash for approximately 6-8 months. I LOVE IT! I am a very fair skinned blonde blue eyed 48 year old woman. If someone was going to have rashes or side effects, I am the candidate yet I have had no bad experiences. All I have are fuller longer eyelashes! The Only caveat is you MUST use it regularly to maintain your lashes. If you stop using it even for a few weeks, you lose the lashes. I've learned the hard way. But once you have the lashes the way you want them, you can maintain by using 3 times a week or every other day. Rapid Lash is also Much Cheaper than the other products out there. I see no reason to get a prescription and pay three times more for a product when this one works so well.
I am using Rapid Lash now since 2 years, never have had any problems. My Eyelashes are nice and long and I will keep using it.
Do use use it everyday?
I am using Rapid Lash for over 3 years now, never had any problems whatsoever. My Eyelashes started growing after 6 weeks using and I am using it on my eyebrows as well, very happy with the result. Never had any problem as I mentioned before. Hairdye occur some unliked reaction in people as well, so everybody needs to find out for themselves.
I have hardly any lower lashes. The lady at Shoppers told me to use Rapid Lash, I cannot find any information on using it on my lower lashes can anyone adivse if I can and have they found it grows the lower lashes.
Yes, my bottom lashes look amazing, as do my top. I love this product.
Hi on the lower lash you have to use it the same way as on the top, like a eyeliner underneath the your lower lashes. Be careful not to get the liquid in your eyes. Hope this help you
what would happen if I used rapid lash and after seeing results or when bottle is done discontinued. would the hair thin out/fall out or weaken.
Hi, Well, My Girlfriend Gave Me RapidLy Enhancing Serum Without the Box and With NO Insert Directions!! I've Read on Google To Pretty Much ONLY USE AS DIRECTED...I Have No Clue How Too Apply This Eyelash Serum!! LOL...Id Be So Appreciative If Someone Could Write Me Out the Directions of How To Use!! Also Is It Used Daily? Or 2 Times a Day? Anyways, I'm Clueless, So Please HELP ME!! THANKS!!
rapid lash has its own website with instructions. mine didn't come with any either. also youtube might be helpful
Hey, 1 More Question...I Also Just Read, If You Have Used For Awhile and Then Stop Using, You Lose All the Progress You Accumulated Since You Started!! So You Lose All Your Lashes??? That's Scary!! Maybe This Product Is Not the One For Me!! I Have Pretty Good Long Lashes, but Just Wanted Too Darken and Thickening a Little Bit!! I Don't Want To Have Too Buy This Eyelash Product For the Rest of My Life, DO I?? Haha!! Any Suggestions on Different Products Please?? Thanks Again!!
I love this product - it really works for me - I used it for about 1 1/2 months before and I saw the noticeable growth in my eyelashes - I have very sensitive skin and was still able to use this product - it will last you 5-6 months or more - the price is definitely right.