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Boy Headed Back to School after Nearly Losing His Head


Nine year old, Jordan Taylor, of Hillsboro, Texas was nearly decapitated three months ago. He and his mother were involved in a motor vehicle accident. His mother was driving with Jordan buckled up in the back seat when a dump truck ran a stop sign and plowed into their car.

The impact of the accident caused Jordan's injury. An injury that is called an orthopedic decapitation. The muscles, blood vessels, and skin keep the head attached to the body, but the skull becomes separated from the neck. In Jordan's case, the spinal cord remained intact. It is an injury that only one to two percent of people survive.

"The energy basically made his head lift up off of his neck, and then move forward," explains the pediatric neurosurgeon who saved Jordan's life, Dr. Richard Roberts of Cook Childrens' Medical Center in Fort Worth.

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As soon as his doctors saw his radiographs (MRI, CT scan), his neck was stabilized by putting him into a halo. The halo is a carbon fiber ring that is screwed to his skull and attached to a vest. Jordan was then taken to surgery where using a metal plate and titanium rods, doctors were able to reattach his skull with a metal plate and titanium rods.

His mother, Stacey Perez, told CBS News, "When it first happened, I was waiting to wake up from that bad dream. Now, I don't want to be woken up from this one! It's just been amazing to watch him recover from the brink of death."

Jordan has surprised everyone by regaining his speech and progressing from a wheelchair to a walker to walking. It appears that he has little to no brain damage.

Jordan is scheduled to head back to school soon on Jan. 7 or 8. "He's so excited," Perez says. "He can't wait to see his friends. It was great that the hospital had a school, but now he gets to be with his friends and the whole school is excited that he's going to be back."

Jordan Taylor is being called a medical miracle.