Resolutions for a Healthy New Year in 2010


As 2009 draws to an end it is customary to make resolutions for the coming year. Good health is always a worthy aim and great gift to give yourself and your loved ones.

Resolve to get more exercise in 2010. It is recommended that adults are active for at least 2.5 hours a week. Anything that makes you move is good -- walking, biking, hiking, WiFit, or dancing. Encourage your kids and teens be active for at least 1 hour a day.

Resolve to eat healthier. This should include eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, but also limiting portion sizes of foods high in fat and sugar.

Resolve to quit smoking.

Resolve to get appropriate vaccinations. All of us need to get the seasonal flu and H1N1 flu vaccinations. Children need to get appropriate vaccinations to prevent mumps, chicken pox, meningitis, etc.


Resolve to not drink and drive.

Resolve to always fasten your seat belt.

Resolve to use helmets when biking, skiing, etc to avoid head injuries.

Resolve to manage stress. Don’t over-commit yourself or your family.

Resolve to practice safe food preparation. Cook foods to proper temperatures. Don’t leave foods out too long which need refrigeration.

Resolve to practice safe use of space heaters, fireplaces, and candles to avoid house fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure your smoke and CO detectors are functioning properly.

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