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Saving Money on Prescription Drugs

Cost of prescription drug

Budgets are tight these days. We are all looking for ways to save money. Many people require medications to treat ongoing conditions - diabetes, hypertension, epilepsy, etc. Other times, medications are needed for an acute problem like strep throat or an ear infection.

Let’s look at some safe ways to save money on prescription drugs:

Talk to your doctor.

Does the prescription come in a generic form that will work for you and your medical problem. Generic drugs are often a fraction of the cost of the brand name.

Sometimes pill splitting can be a way to save money. Often pills come in multiple doses. The 10 mg pill may be the same or slightly higher than the 5 mg pill. By purchasing the 10 mg pill and “splitting” it, you get two 5 mg doses. This won’t work for all drugs.

Comparison shop. Ask several pharmacies what the cost of your prescription is. I would encourage you, for safety sake, to get all of your prescriptions filled at one pharmacy. This is especially important if you take several drugs for chronic medical conditions. The pharmacist can aid your doctor in side effects and adverse drug interactions.

Check and see if you qualify for assistance from the drug companies. Here is a partial list.

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> AstraZeneca

> Cancer Support Care Program

> Merck

> Medicare Prescription Drug Assist

Unsafe ways to save money on prescription drugs are to be avoided. These include:

Not filling the prescription. If you have a condition like hypertension or diabetes, this can put your health at significant risk.

Skipping doses. Same as the above, it can seriously put your health at risk.

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Nice and informative post Dr. Bates. So many people are struggling these days with all of their obligations that frequently the medicine takes back seat. This is very short sighted because you and I know that there are entirely too many patients in the hospital because they werent taking their medicine because they cant afford it. About 12% of all admissions are for this reason. I would encourage patients to either contact the PPARx or a patient advocate to get the process started to see if they can qualify for either low cost or free medicine from the drug company. A Prescription Assistance Company
The prescription assistance programs are a good idea but they aren't always easy to work with. It takes a lot of time to fill out the applications for all of the different drug companies and to follow up with your doctor.