Hospital Error Blamed for Woman's Quadruple Amputation


Tabitha Mullings' ordeal started in September when the 32-year-old was discharged from Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City. She was diagnosed with kidney stones and sent her home with painkillers.

Over the next 24 hours, she developed a sepsis infection. The hypotension from the sepsis compromised the circulation to her limbs. The doctors were forced to amputate both her arms below the elbow and both legs below the knee leaving her a quadruple amputee. The infection also left Mullings legally blind.

After five months in rehabilitation, the Brooklyn mother has returned home to a strong support system.


Mullings plans to sue the city and the Brooklyn Hospital Center for malpractice.

In a written statement released Thursday, the hospital said it was pleased to learn that Mullings had been discharged from the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and wished her well in her continuing recovery.

The statement also said the hospital cannot discuss the matter any further due to various state and federal regulations relating to the privacy of patient information.

Sepsis is the presence of bacteria in the blood. It's a serious, life-threatening infection that rapidly gets worse. It can arise from infections throughout the body, including infections in the lungs, abdomen, and urinary tract.

Last month, a similar scenario unfolded in Brazil where a 20-year old model, Mariana Bridi da Costa, lost her hands and feet, and later died, after getting a sepsis infection. You can read more about that story here.