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Tips to Keep Halloween Safe and Fun


The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that more than 36 million children go trick-or-treating each year. The holiday involves many fun events: carving pumpkins, dressing up in costume, and trick or treating for candy. Don’t let the Halloween turn scary for the wrong reasons.

Here are some tips to keep Halloween safe:

* Before leaving home, make sure your child is able to move safely in their costume. It shouldn’t “trip” them or cause them to fall over.

* Before leaving home, make sure your child is able to see. Mask can sometimes obscure vision.

* Before leaving home, make sure your child is visible to others. The costume should not be so dark that it leaves the child “invisible” to drivers. If so, add a reflective element of consider changing costumes.

* Before leaving home, give the child a flashlight or glow sticks to aid the child in seeing in the dark and in being seen.

* Treat-or-Trick in neighborhoods you know or at house parties or church events.

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* Remind your trick-or-treaters to stay on the sidewalk and to watch for cars.

* It is best to have an adult with the trick-or-treaters.

* Beware of carved pumpkins with candles. Costumes can catch on fire.

Parents should always carefully inspect treats before letting their children eat them. Unwrapped candies or treats should be discarded. If your child has a peanut or food allergy, inspect the goodies with the allergy in mind.

Not all candies and treats are good for all ages. Very young children shouldn't have small, hard items such as chewing gum, peanuts or hard candies as these can be choking hazards.

Spare the braces. Sticky, chewy or hard candy can bend or break wires in a child's mouth. Kids with braces should stay away from treats such as jawbreakers, caramel candies, nut-filled chocolates, taffy, licorice, gummies and chewing gum.

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