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First Inpatient Center for Internet Addiction Opens

Internet addiction rehab center

Do you know anyone who needs intervention for internet addiction? There is now an inpatient center in Fall City, Washington. It is the first in the United States though China, South Korea, and Japan already have several.

The program, reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery, is run by Dr. Hilarie Cash. It was developed to help rehabilitate internet addicts. It is a 45 day “rewiring” program which uses therapy to help the addict find balance between normal life and technology.

Internet addicts have a strong desire or impulse to use the internet which often leads to an impairment of social and life function (failure to go to class, missed deadlines at work, missed appointments, etc). They may decrease or abandon other interests and social activities to spend time online. Often they stop bathing and will eat at the computer.

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Internet addicts have been found to have withdrawal symptoms on decreasing or stopping use of the internet. These symptoms include general malaise, restlessness, irritability, lack of concentration, and dyssomnia.

reSTART’s first patient is Ben Alexander, 19, of Iowa City who had a gaming addiction. His addiction started with one missed class and progressed to so many missed classes he withdrew from college. His parents had struggled to find him help. They had even tried a substance and alcohol abuse program.

reSTART Internet Addiction Recovery is a six-bed facility. The 45-day program works to launch tech-addicted people back into the real world.

The program is not covered by insurance. The cost is $14,500 for 45 days. They do have a few scholarships available now, based upon need.

reSTART Internet Addiction Program Program (Facebook)