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Taser Sets Man Aflame

Taser C2, imaged used from Amazon

Lancaster Police Department set an Ohio man aflame when they used a Taser gun on him the evening of August 17.

It is reported that the officers were called to an incident involving a man inhaling from an aerosol can. The man, Daniel C. Wood, 31, was indeed spraying an aerosol can into his mouth and running through traffic. When he resisted arrest, the officers used the Taser gun on him after shouting a warning.

One of the officers then noticed the flame on Wood’s chest. Both officers patted out the flame. Wood was taken to Fairfield Medical Center for treatment of burns to his chest prior to being taken to the Fairfield County Jail.

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Taser use was new for the department who had only begun using them the day previous to the event. The Lancaster Police Department’s standard operating procedures restricts use of a Taser gun around flammable materials.

It is reported that Lancaster Chief Dave Bailey said the officers called to the incident could not see or smell any signs of highly flammable materials. "I don't think they were immediately on alert that they may be dealing with flammable material," Bailey said.

The Taser International site warns the stun gun should not be used around explosive or flammable materials, liquids, and vapors as the device can ignite the materials.

Taser International