Organ Donation Easier in Florida

Florida Organ Donation

When someone needs a new kidney or heart, someone else has to be willing to give it. One gives the gift of life, one receives the gift with gratitude. Florida has launched a new website,, meant to make it easier for Floridians to become givers (organ donors). The registry will allow each person to designate themselves as organ, tissue, and eye donors.

This new online registry will make it easier for Floridians to give to a neighbor who may be like Hannah Jones, 14, whose heart was weakened by medication used to treat her leukemia or even to someone like the registry namesake who was a lung transplant recipient.

Florida has named the registry “Joshua Abbott Organ and Tissue Donor Registry.” Abbott donor advocate as well as a lung transplant recipient. He died in 2006.


Using the online registry, the “giver” can make their exact wishes more accessible and up-to-date for organ, tissue and eye recovery organizations. When someone dies, these organizations will be able to quickly determine, online, whether that individual is a potential donor.

According to, there are more than 102,700 patients waiting for organ donation in the United States. There have been only 9,347 patients who have received transplantations this year. More than 3,500 patients in Florida are waiting for organ donors. Many people may get a second chance in life if they are helped with a giving hand of someone who designates himself or herself as organ donor.

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