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Aetna Grants $50,000 to National Kidney Registry


The National Kidney Registry received a $50,000 grant from Aetna and the Aetna Foundation this week. The grant will support the Registry in its mission to improve the lives of people with kidney failure.

The Registry’s national matching system helps find compatible donors. There is a critical need for donors, living or cadaver. Nearly 80,000 Americans are currently waiting for a kidney transplant. Only 17,000 transplants are performed annually. The ones who don’t receive a transplant continue to receive dialysis while they wait or die in the meantime.

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Aetna’s grant to the National Kidney Registry is meant to expand their ability to facilitate more life-saving transplants such as the multi-center six-way swap. Swaps allow a family member or friend who wishes to donate but is not compatible with their own kidney patient to do so as part of a chain. Transplant chains take it one step further with a domino approach, in which a mismatched donor “pays it forward” by giving to another patient with an incompatible donor, and so on.

It is hoped that by increasing the number of living donors more transplants will be done. The Registry currently has matches identified for 36 additional patients with incompatible donors. Using their national donor and patient database, the Registry has the potential to facilitate thousands of transplants while providing better transplant outcomes for patients and reducing health care costs by $100 billion dollars from transplants facilitated over the next 10 years.

The grant from Aetna could lead to an increased number of successful kidney transplantations.

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