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Five Iowa Residents File Class Action Lawsuit Against Urology Center


This seems to be happening too often. All medical staff are trained in proper sterile technique and measures to prevent transfer of disease. Recently, it was the VA Hospital in the news for improper cleaning of colonoscopes. Now it seems the Souxland Urology Center may have put its patients at risk of HIV and hepatitis exposure by re-using saline bags and tubing for cystoscopies.

Earlier this week the center mailed letters to 5,200 patients who were treated between March 2002 and January 2009. The manufacturers of the tubing and saline bags state clearly that these are single use items. Fluids from a patient can retreat into saline bags and tubing while the equipment is used. Reusing the tubing or saline bags can put patients at risk for contacting diseases from previous patients.

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Late Friday five Iowa residents filed a class action lawsuit against Souxland Urology Center and it's owners ( Drs. John Wolpert, David Howard, Patrick Walsh, Kenneth McCalla, Timothy Kneib, and Craig Block).

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