Diabetes Complication Takes Owner's Legs


Larry H. Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz, had both legs amputated on Friday, January 23. According to a press release by Jazz spokesman Jonathan Rinehart, the legs were amputated 6 inches below the knee.

Rinehart said Friday's surgery was the result of complications from Type 2 diabetes. He stated that the 64-year-old Miller is recovering in a hospital.

Back in October, doctors found a bone infection and diabetic ulcers on one of Miller's feet. At that time, he had outpatient surgery. He also has a history of a heart attack earlier in 2008 with complications including kidney failure and gastrointestinal bleeding, keeping him in the hospital for nearly two months.


Miller bought a 50 percent share of the Jazz in 1985 and purchased the rest of the team a year later.

Due to his father's health, Greg Miller was selected as the CEO of the Larry H. Miller Group over the summer.

The group owns the Jazz, radio and TV stations, restaurants, car dealerships, movie theaters, advertising and finance firms, sports arenas, a race track, a movie production company, ranches, a real estate development company and a minor league baseball team.

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