Kentucky Teenager in Critical Condition with MRSA Infection


Kentucky teenager, Ryan Robinson, is in critical condition. He is in the University of Kentucky Hospital fighting for his life, having been diagnosed with MRSA infection (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus).

He reported played soccer this past Thursday, but felt ill that night. At first he was thought to have the flu, but later found to have MRSA.

Ryan attends West Jessamine High School. The school has been cleaned thoroughly since his diagnosis. West Jessamine families with students at the school have been alerted to the situation.

A group called "Please Pray for Ryan Robinson" had been set up on the social networking Web site Facebook, where friends were posting messages of encouragement Monday night.

Measures to prevent CA-MRSA infection include:


1. Maintain good personal hygiene.

2. Keep hands clean by washing thoroughly and frequently with liquid soap and water, or by rubbing them properly with alcohol handrub.

3. Avoid sharing personal items such as unlaundered towels, clothing or uniforms and razors.

4. Clean any broken skin such as abrasions or cuts immediately and cover properly with waterproof adhesive bandages. Wash hands before and after touching wounds. Consult a doctor promptly if symptoms of infections develop.

5. Maintain environmental cleanliness and sterilize reused equipments in public places such as sports centre and public bathroom.

6. Do not take antibiotics indiscriminately. Antibiotics should be prescribed by registered medical practitioners. When antibiotics are prescribed, the patient should complete the whole course of treatment.

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