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Obamas Show Fitness Can Be Done

Obama family fittest

Today, the Obamas and America are making history. The Obamas become the first African-American couple to be president and first lady. They are also thought to be the fittest first couple ever.

The Obamas are a great example in the commitment to fitness. Perhaps they will inspire the sedentary Americans to get up and move. Both managed to squeeze in workouts despite their hectic schedules both before and during the campaign.

I want to encourage you all to use their example to show you that fitness CAN be done.

The Obamas approach exercise seriously, but use it more to maintain health than to just look good. Friends say that Mr. Obama "values his workout time as time to think and relieve stress" and that "he's driven by the fact that he wants to be fit and healthy to be around for Michelle and the girls."

Set a Fitness Routine

Obama told Men's Health magazine (November issue) that his typical routine includes working out for 45 minutes, six days a week. His workouts include cardiac-strengthening routines and weight lifting.

He also plays basketball games whenever he can.

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As for Michelle, press reports indicate that she gets in 90-minute workouts three times a week.

Workouts need to become an ingrained habit as it has for both Barack and Michelle Obama. Even when their schedule is jam-packed, Mr Obama insisted on time to workout. He is quoted as saying, 'The rest of my time will be more productive if you give me my workout time.'"

Regular exercise and activity has been shown to reduce stress and clear your mind.

You CAN do it, even if it takes penning it in your schedule.

Current guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services state that adult Americans should strive for two and a half hours a week of moderate aerobic physical activity. Children should get an hour or more of physical activity a day. The workouts should include not only cardio strengthening routines such as running, hiking, or brisk walking but also strength training for adults (such as weight lifting) and muscle strengthening for kids (such as rope climbing).

Less than 65% of adult Americans met those guidelines in 2007, according to a report published in December 2008 in the CDC's Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report. We CAN change this number so that closer to 100% met the guidelines in 2009.

By following the Obamas in exercising for fitness, each of us would be doing the first step to making our country healthier. It's the cheapest, easiest thing to do to improve health.

We CAN all exercise for health. Begin by walking or taking a dance class or playing basketball. Begin today.



Except for the fact he's a smoker!
"They are also thought to be the fittest first couple ever." How can this be if Barrack Obama is a smoker, or a smoker still trying to quit.
Now I am not trying to be a debbie downer, however, I am under the impression that President Obama smokes cigarettes or is actively trying to quit smoking. If this is true, I do not think that he is a shining example of a fit person. There are MANY people who never pollute their bodies with these type of drugs and I think they would make for better examples how fitness can be done.
First off your statement is not correct. Bush could run rings around Obama for fitness especially where running is concerned - not jogging - RUNNING, I ran with him a couple of times and not many of the agents could run with him for those distances. Additionally, he biked 20 - 30 miles each time out and also at quite a clip. Add to that all the wood chopping at the ranch & digging fence posts. Thus, shooting a few hoops hardly compares BUT, then we're talking about the "Messiah" are'nt we? :) And "NO" I am not a Bush supporter & am glad he's back on his ranch.
Let's see if he makes any statements about being active and staying fit. I think some people seem to be upset about Obama being a smoker. I hope he quits. I know it's hard. Since he just became President of the U.S.A. less than two weeks ago, I think he has plenty of time to quit before his term is up. Arnold Schwarzenegger was the chairman of President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports under George H.W. Bush for three years. Isn't he the most famous steroid user of all time? I could be wrong. Smoking is dangerous but legal. Steroids are not legal and might be dangerous. We all are human with different vices. Hopefully everyone everywhere will stop smoking. Aren't there bigger issues to deal with at the moment in the great land of ours? God bless America.
The guy smokes a pack a day. Great example of physical fitness for our youths. I can't believe you have drank the kool-aid and even printed the "endorsement".
A pack a day smoker is not an example of physical fitness. Anyone who smokes that much just cannot be an example for the youth of our generation.
Just because you exercise doesn't mean you are physically fit. Do you consider Sumo wrestler physically fit too. Good grief.
Maybe Obama could nationalize fitness programs and we could all be required to participate in a state sponcered program for the good of all of us. After all the government does a much better job of doing things than the private sector.