Rachael Ray Has Vocal Cord Surgery

Rachel Ray Vocal Cord Surgery

Rachael Ray is known for her raspy voice, exuberant nature, and her cooking. Rachael has had vocal cord surgery on the cause of her raspy voice: a small benign cyst on her vocal cords.

According to her website blog, Rachael Ray, had an ambulatory procedure on July 7th for the small vocal cord cyst. Her surgeon was Dr. Gwen S. Korovin who has this to say, “The non-invasive procedure took less than an hour and required absolutely no stitches. The recovery process requires a short period of complete vocal rest. The successful procedure will now prevent Rachael from experiencing the vocal issues she has had in the past.”

A vocal cord cyst is a firm mass of tissue contained within a membrane (sac). The cyst can be located near the surface of the vocal cord or deeper, near the ligament of the vocal cord. Surgery followed by voice therapy is the most commonly recommended treatment for vocal cord cysts that significantly alter and/or limit voice.


The exact cause or causes of benign vocal cord lesions is not known. Lesions are thought to arise following "heavy" or traumatic use of the voice, including voice misuse such as speaking in an improper pitch, speaking excessively, screaming or yelling, or using the voice excessively while sick.

Symptoms of a vocal cord lesion include vocal fatigue, unreliable voice, gravelly voice, increased effort to speak or sing, hoarse and rough voice quality, and frequent throat clearing.

When a vocal cord lesion is present, symptoms may increase or decrease in degree, but will persist and do not go away on their own. If you have these symptoms, it is important to see an otolaryngologist.

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