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Good News! Update on Armenian girl, Gayane

Gayane recovering

We, along with you, have been waiting for an update on Gayane Tovmasyan, the 13 year old Armenian girl with the ovarian tumor. Your kindness has been overwhelming.

On behalf of eMaxHealth.com and the family, we would like to express our sincere thanks to you all. The total raised for her care is at $928. The funds will be transferred to her parents. The account opened in Gayane’s name will be open for another week or so if anyone would like to donate to offset costs incurred by the family related to her recovery and follow-up care. Documentation is available upon request.

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Gayane had her surgery which revealed a very large ovarian cyst. Unsure of the pathology at the time of the surgery, the doctors chose to be safe and removed one and a half ovaries. They were able to leave her uterus. The cyst turned out to be benign and not malignant. The remaining partial ovary will produce the female hormones she for puberty and the eggs (ova) that will give her the opportunity for children later in life.

Because she was found to be hypothyroid prior to the surgery she will be on replacement thyroid hormones for life. She will be followed by an endocrinologist for this problem. She is said to be recovering well from the surgery. We are told that she may be discharged from the hospital and allowed to return to her home next week.

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