H1N1 Flu Results in $40 Million Lawsuit for NYC


May 17, assistant principal Mitchell Wiener, 55, was the first person to die in New York City from the H1N1 flu. The city health department reports 47 people have died of confirmed H1N1 flue in New York City. Wiener’s death has now resulted in a $40 million lawsuit for NYC.

Wiener’s widow, Bonnie Wiener, and her there sons have served the city a “notice of claim” as the first step towards suing the city. The family is charging the city for failure to react quickly enough in the H1N1 outbreak. They feel the city failed to warn Mitchell Wiener that he had been in contact with people who had positive H1N1 flu virus tests.

If Bonnie Wiener and sons follow through with filing the $40 million lawsuit against the city, it will be the first wrongful death suit against the city linked to the outbreak of the flu strain.

Wiener was the assistant principal of Intermediate School 236 in Hollis in the New York borough of Queens. The school was one of several city schools to be shuttered after the illness afflicted students and staff members.


The public is asked to continue to use the following precautions:

* If you do need to travel, whenever possible avoid crowded enclosed spaces and close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections.

* Individuals are advised to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water on a regular basis and should seek medical attention if they develop any symptoms of influenza-like illness.

* Ill persons are encouraged to practice cough etiquette (maintain distance, cover coughs and sneezes with disposable tissues or clothing, wash hands).

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