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Biggest Loser Erik Chopin Finds it Difficult to Keep Weight Off

Erik Chopin gains weight

Eric Chopin was the winner of Biggest Loser, season 3, but has found it difficult to keep the weight off and gains weight. The reality show, Biggest Loser, takes overweight individuals and has them work with trainers to shed pounds. Eric Chopin weighed 407 pounds his first day on the show. During his participation in the show, he lost 214 lb to become the season’s winner.

Prior to the show at 407 lb, he had been diagnosed with a variety of weight related medical conditions including high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

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Since leaving the show in December of 2006 he has slowly gained the 122 lb of the weight back. He was inspired by Oprah and her struggles with weight gain to come forth and talk about his own. This week when Oprah invited guests who had also publicly lost a lot of weight only to regain it, to appear on her show, Erik Chopin was one of those who accepted.

He told Oprah Winfrey that he has been hiding from the world because he was an inspiration to so many people that watched him on The Biggest Loser and felt like a fraud. He also talked about having a body lift surgery in 2007. He lost an additional 10 pounds of sagging skin with the surgery.

Erik Chopin believes he is addicted to food, eats to relieve psychic pain and that that is what caused his 122 pound weight gain. He has decided to return to a healthier lifestyle, eating healthier and working out. His goal this time is to get healthy and fit, not just to lose weight.