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For zombie attacks, floods, pandemics, CDC has your back

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Emergency preparedness

The CDC has us covered should a Zombie attack occur. But, according to an emergency preparedness guide from the Centers for Disease Control, no matter what the crisis, some basic planning can mitigate the potential for harm from the likes of a zombie apocalypse, hurricanes, pandemics and other disasters.

Essentials for emergency preparedness

The notion of a zombie apocalypse is ‘tongue-in cheek’, but a release from the CDC that discusses such an event, highlights a real need to be prepared for any type of disaster.

Natural and unnatural zombie disaster preparation starts with having a first aid kit, says the CDC.

Essentials for emergencies include water, food, medication, tools, disinfectants, towels, blankets and bedding, clothing, important documents (including medical records) and basic first aid supplies like band aids, alcohol rub, ointments and gauze.

Pre-planning for a zombie apocalypse may be a joke, but the reality of disasters, including infectious disease outbreaks, is real. The CDC says it’s important to understand what sort of emergency is most likely to occur in your area.

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Develop a plan with family members, including a pre-determined meeting place in the event of a disaster.

As would be the case, with any disaster - zombie attacks or other - the CDC would remain active with tracking, monitoring, lab testing for disease and providing support at local and State levels.

Keep a list of emergency contacts in your area – fire, police and – yes, your local zombie response team- um - just in case.

Plan an emergency evacuation route, says the CDC. It may be necessary to get out of town, in the event of hurricane, floods (okay, okay and Zombies). The agency recommends mapping several routes. Become familiar with nearby emergency shelters.

Emergencies come in all forms, including bioterrorism, radiation, chemical emergencies, severe weather, pandemic infection, but fortunately not really zombies.

Regardless of the source of a disaster, the CDC has tips for emergency preparedness that can keep Americans safe while they cover your back tracking zombies and monitoring other public emergencies.

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