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This is why you need to do Doga: Adorable dog exercises with owner

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Have you tried Doga?

This is the best way to exercise ever. We all know workouts can be boring, but Doga - exercises with dogs - can spice things up and even make it so you can look forward to a workout.


I don't know about everyone else, but my dog enjoys working out with me. When I do oga, she's right there with me. She's even learned how to mimic 'downward dog' with me. Okay, maybe that one came naturally.

What's so cool about Doga?

There is actually a website, dogadog.org that can help you and your pooch do yoga together. If you like it, you might even want to become a Doga instructor.

Doga is cool because it's all about bonding.

Your dog picks up on your energy and synchronizes with your yoga practice. With Doga, you and your dog both receive health benefits.

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Yoga has so many health benefs, they're too numerous to mention. And if you have a dog, it's even better.

Doga has actually been around for a while. It combines relaxation and massage; can be done in your own home and it's free.

This is another way your dog can help you lose weight.

For example, you can put your dog in an upward paw pose for a gentle stretch.To reciprocate, you can use your furry friend in reclining pose by resting your knees on your pet's torso to relieve pressure on the spine.

Doga is not something everyone embraces. It isn't meant to replace traditional yoga. Personally, I love the idea. There is never a time my dog fails to show up when the yoga mat goes down. What do you think? If you love the idea, please share with others.

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