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What music and exercise have in common for a healthier heart

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Exercise and music can heal the heart

A new study uncovers that listening to joyful music may indeed be important for restoring heart health for people with coronary artery disease.

Researchers don't know how music affects how our blood vessels function to keep our heart healthy. We know that exercise and diet are cornerstones for anyone diagnosed with heart attack or coronary artery disease.

Listen to your favorite music 30-minutes a day to improve heart health

For their study researchers randomized groups of heart patients with stable coronary artery disease who received either music plus training rehabilitation, music alone or aerobic training.

The goal was to see if adding music to cardiac rehabilitation had benefits for endothelial function, which means the way the lining of the blood vessels function. The researchers also wanted to see how music therapy alone affects blood vessel health.

Optimal endothelial function is important for keeping blood pressure lower, improving blood flow and preventing clots from forming inside the blood vessel walls that can lead to heart attack and stroke.

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Professor Deljanin Ilic said in a press release, "In the setting of cardiovascular risk factors and cardiovascular disease the endothelium loses its normal function. Since endothelium derived nitric oxide is necessary to maintain an adequate vascular response, correction of endothelial dysfunction has become a goal of therapy."

Music plus aerobic training heals diseased blood vessels

The finding showed exercise training and listening to favorite music increased nitric oxide in the exercise and the exercise and music group, but was higher in the group that trained plus enjoyed music.

"The combination of music and exercise training led to the most improvement in endothelial function,” Deljanin Ilic said.

She adds it may be endorphins that are released when we listen to joyful music that improves blood vessel function to keep our heart healthy.


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