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What cholesterol pills might do for your sex life

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Statins could give sex a boost

It might seem a bit contrary to think about a cholesterol lowering pill to boost your sex life. But researchers says that's exactly what statins might do for men at risk for erectile dysfunction. The drugs that lower stroke and heart attack risk might also prevent erectile dysfunction (ED) for men with diagnosed heart disease.

How could statins help erectile function?

The researchers for the study warn cholesterol lowering drugs shouldn't be prescribed for ED until more studies are done to help understand why. The investigation that came from a meta-analysis of 11 randomized, controlled studies on erectile dysfunction that was self-reported. The effect of anti-cholesterol drugs on ED was not associated with any specific age group, nor with lower LDL - the bad - type of cholesterol.

The study's lead investigator, John B. Kostis, MD, professor of medicine, director of the Cardiovascular Institute at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School says the finding might encourage men to adhere to taking their cholesterol lowering pills since the drugs might also give an extra boost to their sex life.

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Healthy lifestyle best way to thwart erectile dysfunction

A recent study shows an overall healthy lifestyle can reverse erectile dysfunction in 29 percent of men studied in Australia, whoch Dr. Kostis agrees is the best say to prevent ED that could be an early warning sign of heart disease.

“Ultimately, a healthy lifestyle is the best method to prevent disease, including erectile dysfunction. But statin therapy has been proven to provide long-term benefits in reducing cardiovascular disease and the detrimental consequences associated with it. Offering statin therapy to improve erectile function may extend these benefits further," Kostis said in a press release.

Prescribing statins early for heart disease not only improves cardiovascular outcomes but could be an early intervention to help keep men's sex lives intact following diagnosis of heart disease the authors say.

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My sex life is ruined just because of these damn cholesterol and B.P controlling medicines
I'm sorry. I do know what you are saying. Honestly, it is usually the BP controlling pills that have an adverse effect on sexual function.
I agree with you. Bisoprolol fumarate and losartan with hydro thiazides has given me a lot of grief and I have stopped them from 5 years but my erection are yet to turn normal
This looks like an example of someone guessing at what the outcome could be based on a certain rationale... The effect of statins on the liver is negative, and since this is where testosterone originates it seems to me that may lead to quite the opposite outcome regarding E.D.
Hi Mike: Thanks for your comment. No one is sure why ED improved on statins. The suspicion is that the drugs improve blood vessel function, which in turn improves blood flow to the penis. Some studies suggest they lower testosterone too. This isn't the only study or the first showing ED improved with the drugs. Statins lower cholesterol which is a precursor to testosterone. More information from studies is needed to understand the association.