Weight loss formula helps type 2 diabetes, regardless of pounds shed

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Meal replacement helps type 2 diabetes in small study.

Exciting findings show people with type 2 diabetes benefited significantly with a meal replacement made from soy, yogurt, and honey; called Almased®.

In a study finding presented at the American Diabetes Association’s 72nd Scientific Sessions, diabetics lost a substantial amount of weight, cut their insulin dose, improved HbA1C levels, lowered their triglyceride levels and raised their good cholesterol levels.

Two of the patients enrolled in the meal replacement study were able to stop their insulin altogether.

Type 2 diabetes improves with meal replacement, even without weight loss

Stephan Martin, MD, medical director of the West-German Diabetes and Health Centre in Düsseldorf, Germany, who conducted the study said in a press release, “One of the most interesting findings to us was that Almased's positive effect on blood sugar was independent of its effect on weight loss."

The meal replacement is sold in the United States and is a top seller in Germany for weight loss.

It contains all natural soy, yogurt and honey that is not genetically modified; with no added sugars, artificial ingredients or preservatives. There are also no dangerous stimulants and the product is gluten-free.

Rather than suppress appetite for weight loss, the ingredients boost energy and metabolism and help the body burn fat. Almased was developed in 1985 by Hubertus Trouillé, a scientist and holistic therapist.

The study included 22 men and women with type 2 diabetes and obesity that were part of a pilot investigation for a larger trial that is currently underway in Germany and involves 300 participants.


In the first week, 3 meals a day were replaced with the soy, yogurt and honey powdered meal replacement. During week 2 to 4, two meals were replaced and the diabetics ate a protein-rich lunch. For the last week of the study, just one meal was replaced with Almased.

The study took place for twelve-weeks. On average, insulin requirements went from 147 to 65U a day, weight loss was 23 pounds, HgA1C levels decreased 0.7 points, fasting blood sugars went down by 27.6 mg/dL, participants lost 2.8 inches in weight circumference and 1.3 inches from the hips and triglyceride levels dropped by 70.3 mg/dL.

Participants in the study were followed up after a year and a half. Four patients who continued to use the weight loss formula reported their insulin requirement, weight and HgA1C had further decreased. Two no longer needed insulin injections.

"Some people will be surprised that patients could stop insulin completely; we need to change the thinking that once insulin is started there is no way to stop it," said Dr. Martin. "Motivated patients who are committed to long-term dietary changes and increased physical activity can make a real change in their weight and metabolic measures”

Should type 2 diabetics try Almased?

It’s important to speak with your doctor about using the meal replacement. The larger study is still needed to confirm the findings of the small pilot study results reported.

According to the Almased website, you will know if the meal replacement is boosting your blood sugar levels by checking it one to two hours after taking the powdered drink.

The glycemic index of the meal replacement is low. Honey also has prebiotic properties that can boost immunity.

The study finding could mean new hope for type 2 diabetes that affects approximately 26 million Americans. Sixty-percent of people living with the disease are overweight or obese, but the weight loss formula helped patients manage diabetes in the small study, even without weight loss.

American Diabetes Association's 72nd Scientific Sessions
June, 2012

Updated 11/25/2014


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