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Vibration exercises: A new and natural way to lower your blood pressure

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Can you vibrate your way to lower blood pressure?

Vibrating your body on a machine could be a natural way to lower blood pressure, suggests new research. Side effects and cost of medications, exercise limitations for some people and other considerations make natural interventions to improve health appealing. According to new findings, whole body vibration improves the health of the blood vessels, making them more elastic.

For their study, researchers investigated the effect of Power PlateĀ® advanced whole body vibration equipment on postmenopausal women's blood vessel health.

Vibration exercise produces rapid muscle contraction and boosts the effect of exercises performed on the machines. What that means is using whole body vibration for exercise is easier for anyone with limitations.

Compared to other types of exercise that make the heart stronger and increase endurance, vibration plate machines were found to restore elasticity to the blood vessels the same way as prescription medications.

Arturo Figueroa, M.D., PhD, an associate professor at Florida State University, published the finding in the most recent issue of Journal of Human Hypertension that suggests the machines could reduce the chances of stroke and heart attack. Vibration also improves oxygenation to the body's tissue and boosts blood flow.

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In 2011, vibration exercises were shown by Figueroa and his team to decrease arterial stiffness that can lead to "hardening of the arteries" that is atherosclerosis.

Women in the newest study either had high blood pressure or what is known as "prehypertension" - blood pressure that is higher than normal but has not yet reached parameters requiring treatment.

When blood pressure increases more strain is put on the heart. Lack of elasticity in the blood vessels obstructs blood flow and can lead to clot formation and stroke from high blood pressure.

If you're looking for a natural way to lower your blood pressure check out your local gym or consider purchasing a vibration plate exercise machine.


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Hi I recently purchased a vibro plate . A family member has had a hip replacement 8 years ago and suffers from high blood pressure of which she is on medication for. I was jus wondering is it safe for her to use. Thanking You
Hi Donna, Definitely check with your family member's physician, but here is a link saying vibration can lower blood pressure! http://www.emaxhealth.com/1020/vibration-exercises-new-and-natural-way-lower-your-blood-pressure