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A tricky way to eat less for weight loss

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Smaller portions served on a big table can help us eat less

Researchers are continually exploring ways to help us lose weight. With obesity rates on the rise worldwide, finding ways to make lifestyle changes has become an important focus for weight loss. Food scientists have come up with a way to trick your brain into eating less, based on the size of your dining table.


Past studies have suggested weight loss tactics that range from eating from a smaller plate, using a smaller fork and simply putting high calories foods out of site. Cornell Food and Brand Lab researchers now suggest we might be inclined to eat less by placing our food on a larger table.

For this study researchers served pizza to study participants. For the experiment they cut the two pies into large slices and small slices and put one of each on either a small or large table.

What the researchers discovered is that people ate a lot less when their food was served on a big table. Small slices of pizza served on a small table led to twice as much eating.

Bigger table acts as a food distraction

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The researchers said there was more focus on the large table than the food portion being served. The table size served as a distraction, making the students perceive small portions of pizza were regular size.

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The finding is published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Science.

Brennan Davis, lead researcher, recommends, "serve food in small portions and on large tables" in order to eat less.This may be the end of serving food on the coffee table in front of the TV for me. What you think?

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