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10 fun, weird and wacky ways to get exercise

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Here are 10 weird ways to get exercise that mean no excuses ever.

If you hate going to the gym and are looking for fun, weird or wacky ways get some exercise, consider these ten activities. You might even find exercising can be enjoyable. The good news is anyone can find a way to exercise, regardless of busy lifestyle.


1. Get a hula hoop – A simple hula hoop can burn major calories. All it takes is 30 minutes of continuous movement with a hoop around your waist to burn 500 calories. They’re easy to store and inexpensive too. One of the best things is you can buy small sizes– for you and your kids. Smaller hula hoops are easier to control and can easily get you moving. If you don’t have space in the home, step outside for some fresh air and take the family with you. You can boost the fun by listening to your favorite upbeat music at the same time.

Weighted hula hoops are easier to keep up and can give a bit of an extra workout. The cost is minimal. If you want to learn how to hoop like an expert, look for classes in your area.

The hula hoop as been around for years, but we sometimes forget how simple exercise can be. With a bit of creativity and practice you might find yourself doing some dancing while you spin the hoop. You can also use it for balance during stretching exercises.

To make exercise even more fun, consider a competition with a friend or your kids. You're sure to get a hearty laugh that can also burn calories and helps lower blood pressure and boost immunity.

2. Invest in a small trampoline – A mini trampoline costs less than $40, takes up little room and can help get rid of the most dangerous kind of fat, which is in the mid –section. You can even put it in front of the television. Remember you don’t have to do your exercise all at once. Just ten minutes three times a day is enough to give you the genuine benefits of the recommended amount of daily activity. Start slowly and work your way up to longer workouts. A -mini-trampoline can improve health in a variety of ways.

3. Try a pogo stick – Jumping can be hard on the knees, but with a pogo stick you get less stress. Why is jumping so good for fitness and weight loss? When we jump our heart rate goes up and we burn calories. The activity is fun and promotes mental health. Just be careful to start out slowly. The activity isn’t recommended for anyone with poor balance, but if you are already in decent physical shape a pogo stick might be the thing to help keep you moving and burning calories.

4. Go to the park and get on a swing – Getting on a swing and moving back and forth loosens up the joints without stressing them. Push off the swing with your legs to build shape and tone the legs. When you pull back to get momentum you’re engaging you core muscles. Swinging can help melt belly fat. There are a variety of exercises you can do with a swing while your kids are playing.

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5. Buy some Kangoos, aka Kangaroo jumps – If you’re never heard of them, they’re simply workout shoes that can put a spring in your step and keep your joints from getting injured at the same time. Jumping around while you do housework, in front of the TV or outdoors is a great way to laugh, burn calories and tone the body.

6. Take up pole dancing. – Women love to move and feel sexy at the same time. Even Martha Stewart thinks pole dancing is worthwhile.

7. Exercise with your friend or partner - Ace Fitness has some fun workouts you can do with your partner – Having a partner to exercise with can give you more inspiration to continue your workouts on a regular basis. The exercises can be performed inside or outside.

8. Did you know you can get an aerobic workout while cleaning the house? - There are a variety of ways to make daily chores more fun by getting up your heart rate and adding a few extra moves when you’re cleaning.

9. ‘Prancercise' makes walking a whole lot more fun. Watch Joanna Rohrback show you how. This might be the best unusual and fun way to exercise of them all.

10. If you’re overweight or have other disabilities to exercise consider buying a pedal exerciser that can be used sitting down. Pedaling is a fun and easy way to start burning calories. If you work long hours at the computer, pedaling can help you stay fit and productive at the same time. Here’s just one example of a pedaler than can help improve strength and balance.

These ten exercises can add a lot of fun to workouts. They are all easy, some are weird and anyone can do them. Now all you have to do is choose which exercises work best for you. Remember to speak with your doctor before starting any new exercise program and especially if you have been inactive or have health conditions.

Image credit: Wikimedia commons

Updated: 2/17/2017