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Scientists engineer the perfect soap

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Scientists say they have invented the perfect soap

Scientists have finally engineered what they say is the perfect soap for personal and planetary health.


The soap is manufactured from all natural products that include soy corn and coconut oil.

According to researchers, it also works well with cold water and hard water, meaning consumers should be able to save money. The soap is easily rinsed out of the hair even in areas with etremely hard water.

Soap could impact cleaning industry profits

Paul Dauenhauer, a University of Minnesota associate professor of chemical engineering and materials science and a co-author of the study said in a media release: "This research could have a major impact on the multibillion-dollar cleaning products industry."

What scientists did to is create a soap molecule from environmentally friendly products without harmful additives that most of us can't even pronounce.

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The so-called perfect soap is a mixture of fatty acids derived from the products previously mentioned, making it environmentally friendly, which translates to cleaner waterways.

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The patented soap - OFS - is licensed to the Sironix Renewables, a Minnesota start-up company. Research is published in the ACS journal.

"The impact of OFS soaps will be greater than their detergent performance," said University of Minnesota chemical engineering and materials science graduate student Kristeen Joseph. "OFS is made from straight carbon chains derived from soybeans or coconut which can readily biodegrade. These are really the perfect soap molecules."

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Soaps normally bind to minerals in hard water, making soap clumpy. OFS creates foam just like conventional soaps for clothes washing, dishes and personal care even at 100 times the conventional hard water conditions, the researchers say.