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Put this paste on your toothbrush to lower heart, stroke risks

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Plaque HD toothpaste lowers heart attack risk

Making an investment in a new toothpaste could literally save your life, according to a new report. Switching to Plaque HD toothpaste was shown in a first study to lower inflammation in the body.


Plaque reducing, life saving toothpaste a good heart health investment

Researchers previously showed Plaque HD toothpaste works to fight dental disease. This study showed the toothpaste lowers inflammation levels in the body.

The study, carried out at Florida Atlantic University, used an independent laboratory to measure CRP - c-reactive protein - levels in two groups of test subjects.
One group brushed with the toothpaste and the other was given a placebo.

Plaque HD, which costs about $16 a tube, lowered CRP levels 29 percent. For perspective, cholesterol lowering drugs known as statins, reduce CRP levels by about 37 percent.

How does the toothpaste work?

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When you brush with Plaque HD it stains areas of the teeth and gums where there is plaque.

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The study findings are published October 19, 2016 in American Journal of Medicine.

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Buildup of dental plaque that can also lead to gum disease has long been linked to higher chance of system illness; especially heart attack from bacteria that can spread throughout the body.

Once you find the plaque with you can attack it with your regular toothpaste.