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Ovulating Women Choose Sexier Products

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Women who are ovulating choose sexier clothing and other consumer products according to new findings. The implications of the finding reveal a desire to stand out when it comes to finding a desirable partner say researchers. Ovulation drives hormones that unconsciously lead women to make sexier purchases.

In order to entice a desirable mate, a woman needs to assess the attractiveness of other women in her local environment to determine how eye-catching she needs to be to snare a good man" says Kristina Durante, a post-doctoral fellow at the Carlson School. Ovulation drives women to buy sexier clothing to outdo the local competition. Durante says, “If you are in New York, a woman who lives in LA isn't going to be seen as competition."

Ovulation Unconsciously Drives Women to Make Sexy Purchases

During ovulation women were asked to choose clothing and accessories to purchase after viewing a series of photos of distant, attractive or unattractive women. The majority of women chose sexier purchases when they viewed photos of nearby women unconsciously perceived as competition.

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Durante says, “The desire for women at peak fertility to unconsciously choose products that enhance appearance is driven by a desire to outdo attractive rival women."

Women not ovulating were not affected. Photographs of unattractive women failed to have an impact on sexy purchasing choices. The same held true when women viewed other attractive women who were 1000 miles away.

The choice to buy sexier clothing and accessories during ovulation is an unconscious one, driven by hormones. Products that enhance physical appearance can ensure a good mate. Women in the study who were ovulating seemed to be profoundly influenced to make sexier clothing and accessory purchases.

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