New diet claims to switch off fat genes for zero belly fat

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How does the Zero Belly Fat Diet work?

There is a new diet that promises zero belly fat and sixteen pounds of weight loss in just two weeks. The Zero Belly Diet claims to switch off your fat genes through specific combinations of foods.


The diet is the brainchild of David Zinczenko who says he's done his homework about how to get rid of belly fat, which is the worst kind for promoting disease. Zinczenko lost his father from a massive stroke at age 52. He says his father always struggled with his weight. So did David until he uncovered a way to turn off fat producing DNA.

David weighed 200 pounds by the time he was age fourteen. When he tested the diet in 2014 he says he was "stunned". He found the average person dropped four inches off their waistline in just six-weeks.

Fat genes are not your fate


Foods that are part of the Zero Belly Diet are designed to change your fat genes. Zinczenko says the right foods can switch off our fat genes to melt away visceral fat around the abdomen to help us feel better, look better and lower our chances of heart disease, diabetes and more.

Zinczenko is also the author of "Eat this, Not That!". He says after you turn off your fat genes, there will be no more calorie counting. The Zero Belly Diet includes eggs, lean meat, "zero belly drinks", red fruits, healthy oils, fiber from the likes of beans and rice, anti-inflammatory spices and flavors and green leafy veggies and colorful fruits. He also recommends extra protein from plants, such as seeds and nuts.


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What's zero belly drinks
Hi Chloe. If you look at the diet - their website, you will find. It is protein drinks, some beers are okay and there are smoothies. I hope that helps!