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Natural therapy inhibits triple negative breast cancer in mice: Human trials pending

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Medicinal mushrooms and herbs inhibit triple negative breast cancer.

In a third study, researchers have shown a combination of natural compounds inhibit triple negative breast cancer in mice. In a press release published October 29, 2012, researchers suggest the combination of traditional Chinese herbs and other natural ingredients may offer new hope as a supplemental therapy for the aggressive form of breast cancer.

The finding is significant because triple-negative breast cancer is invasive and difficult as treat. Options are limited if the cancer returns. Another important note is that the natural botanical formula has no side effects.

In their studies scientists at the Cancer Research Laboratory, Methodist Research Institute, Indiana University Health found the combination formula has powerful anti-cancer effects and prevented the spread of breast cancer to the lungs in mice.

The compounded formula consists of medicinal mushrooms Trametes versicolor, Ganoderma lucidum and Phellinus linteus n addition to extracts from the botanicals Scutellaria barbata, Astragalus membranaceus and Curcuma that the researchers say induces cancer cell death.

The flavonoid, quercetin, that is found in in apples, grapes and onions, reduces the spread of cancer cells and suppresses tumor growth.

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DIM (3, 3'-Diindolylmethane), an active component obtained from eating cruciferous vegetables, reduces cancer growth and spread to other areas of the body.

Researchers previously studied the compound in lab cells. In mouse studies, gene analysis showed the formula suppressed the expression of genes that are linked to breast cancer spread - PLAU and CXCR4.

For this study researchers compared mice with breast cancer. Just 20% of the mice who receive the formula experienced cancer spread, but the researchers emphasize the number and size of cancerous lesions were dramatically reduced compared to mice who were not treated; 70% of untreated nice experienced cancer growth and spread.

The researchers say human clinical trials may start next year. “Patients with triple-negative breast cancer often die from metastasis,” says study co-author Isaac Eliaz, M.D in a press release. “This formula, taken as a health supplement, may offer new hope for patients struggling to overcome an invasive, deadly disease which has been so difficult to treat.” Speak with your doctor before starting any supplement.

The study authors concluded the formula, BreastDefend™, “…may be considered as a biological therapeutic agent against invasive breast cancers.”

Oncology Reports
“BreastDefend™ prevents breast-to-lung cancer metastases in an orthotopic animal model of triple-negative human breast cancer”
October, 2012

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