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Men don’t really think about sex every 7 seconds

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Ohio State study busts myth that men think about sex every 7 seconds.

Ohio State University researchers have debunked the myth that men think about sex all day long. According to their finding, men also think about eating and sleeping too, even more often than women do. The best predictor of frequent thoughts about sex isn't at all about just being a guy.

The researchers say the study is important for correcting stereotypes about men.

Terri Fisher, professor of psychology at Ohio State University’s Mansfield campus and lead author of the study said, “Frequency of thinking about sex is related to variables beyond one’s biological sex.”

Fisher explains you’re better off knowing how comfortable a person is with their own sexuality to know if they have frequent thoughts about sex.

For their study, the researchers asked students to complete a questionnaire estimating how often they thought about sex during the day.

After filling out several other questionnaires the students were given a tally counter to track how many times each day they thought about eating, sleep or sex for a week.

The finding showed women think about sex approximately 10 times a day and men 19 times a day.

The stereotypical view of a man’s thoughts about sex – being every 7 seconds – would mean more than 8,000 thoughts about sex in 16 waking hours.

Men also thought about food 18 times a day and sleep 11 hours a day. Women thought about eating and sleep almost 15 times a day and about 8 1/2 times, respectively.

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The best overall predictor of frequent thoughts about sex was a person’s comfort with sexuality; not gender.

“It’s amazing the way people will spout off these fake statistics that men think about sex nearly constantly and so much more often than women do,” says Fisher.

Fisher says the belief that men think about sex every 7 seconds can lead to emotional problems.

A man might think there’s something wrong with him if he’s not thinking about sex all the time. Conversely, if a woman thinks about sex a lot she may think something’s wrong with her.

The finding showed men and women really don’t think differently when it comes to sex, food and sleep. In the study, no woman reported not thinking about sex.

Women who scored higher on desire for social acceptance were more likely to think about sex less, compared to those who had open attitudes about sex and less focus on social acceptance.

In raw numbers, men thought about sex between one 388 times a day and women between one and 140 times a day.

Fisher explained, “In this case, we’re seeing that women who are more concerned with the impression they’re making tend to report fewer sexual thoughts, and that’s because thinking about sexuality is not consistent with typical expectations for women.”

Fisher also says there isn’t any good reason that society has believed men think about sex so much more than women. There isn’t any past research to show men think about sex every 7 seconds. The study finding debunks the myth that men have what would equal 8,000 thoughts about sex in 16 waking hours.

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